Remi Bader Net Worth

Remi Bader is a TikTok Creator and Curve Model who has a net worth of $1 Million. She is best known for realistic clothing hauls” on TikTok. Bader has openly discussed her experience with a binge-eating problem. A beacon of positivity and style, Remi has captured the hearts of many with her radiant personality and passion for fashion.

In this article, we will take you on a journey through the life and career of a rising star who has redefined the world of Instagram and TikTok. From her roots in the vibrant city of New York to her journey as a model and content creator, Remi Bader’s story is one of resilience, empowerment, and spreading body positivity.

As we delve deeper into Remi’s life, you’ll discover her captivating journey from a young girl in the United States to a fashion icon with an ever-growing fan base. Get ready to explore the key milestones in her career, the impact she’s had on the fashion industry, and the hidden gems of her personal life. This is a tale of inspiration, empowerment, and the magic of being unapologetically yourself.

What is Remi Bader Net Worth?

Net Worth:$1 Million
Born:March 7, 1995
Profession:TikTok Creator and Curve Model
Country:United States of America

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Early Life

Remi Bader’s story begins in the bustling streets of New York City, a city renowned for its fashion and style. Born and raised in the United States, Remi’s journey as a style star and influencer started in 2021 when she was just about 26 years old. As a Pisces, her star sign adds an intriguing layer to her personality, reflecting her creativity and intuition.

Remi’s early journey was marked by a love for fashion and a natural flair for style. The seeds of her future as a model and content creator were sown during her formative years, as she began sharing stunning images of fashion and lifestyle on Instagram. It was on this platform that she began to gain recognition. The world soon took notice, especially after one of her photos went viral, catapulting her into the limelight and earning her a legion of fans.


As we journey through Remi Bader’s career, we uncover a story of resilience and transformation. Her initial career path led her to a role as a partnership marketer at TIDAL, a streaming service co-owned by the legendary Jay-Z. However, in July 2020, she faced a pivotal moment in her life when she lost her job. It was in the face of this challenge that Remi made a bold decision to transition into a different world – the world of modeling and content creation.

Remi took the plunge and registered with a curve modeling agency, signaling the beginning of a new chapter in her life. In September 2020, she stepped into the realm of TikTok, where she started to create content focusing on fashion and body positivity. It was on TikTok that she introduced the world to her distinctive “realistic hauls” videos, where she showcased how clothing fits on models compared to how it fits on herself. Her unique approach, marked by wit, self-deprecation, and authenticity, quickly resonated with audiences worldwide.

Remi’s career is a shining example of turning adversity into opportunity. Her journey through career transitions has not only inspired many but also exemplified the power of resilience in the face of unexpected challenges. This period of change paved the way for her remarkable influence in the world of social media and fashion.

Remi Bader Net Worth

Modeling Career

Remi Bader’s modeling career has been an instrumental part of her journey. While she is celebrated as an influencer and content creator, her impact as a model has been equally significant. Her name has graced the pages of respected publications like Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Seventeen, and Refinery29. Notably, she has collaborated with renowned brands such as Aerie, ASOS, and Target, showcasing her versatility as a model.

What sets Remi apart in the modeling world is her unwavering commitment to promoting body acceptance and cultural diversity in the fashion industry. She has become a strong advocate for inclusivity, challenging traditional beauty standards. In addition to her work in print, she has walked the runway at notable events like Chromat’s Spring/Summer 2020 show during New York Fashion Week.

Other Ventures

Beyond her modeling and content creation, Remi Bader’s career diversifies into a multitude of ventures. As an influencer, she collaborates with a wide array of companies, using her platform to endorse their products to her devoted fan base. Brands like Aerie, ASOS, and Ulta Beauty, as well as household names like Dunkin’ Donuts and Coca-Cola, have recognized the value of her endorsement.

Adding to her entrepreneurial spirit, Remi operates her online shop, offering her unique designs in clothing and accessories. Her latest venture, “Crying in Public,” an audio show, likely supported by advertising and sponsorship deals, underscores her multifaceted talents.

In addition, Remi has posed for magazines like Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Seventeen, among others, further expanding her influence and income streams.

Rise to Fame

Remi Bader’s rise to fame is a testament to her unapologetic self-expression and empowerment. Her journey began with a commitment to promoting body positivity through her Instagram posts in 2015. Through a series of captivating images showcasing various outfits, she inspired her growing fan base to embrace their unique beauty and style.

Her journey didn’t end on Instagram; it was merely the beginning. As she expanded to platforms like TikTok and YouTube, her “realistic” fashion presentations gained immense popularity. On her YouTube channel, she vlogs, shares try-on hauls, and provides makeup how-tos. Her reach extended beyond social media, with features in renowned magazines like Glamour and Insider, showcasing her impact on the fashion industry.


Remi Bader’s achievements are a testament to her influence. Her journey is not just about accumulating a significant following but also about being a powerful advocate for body positivity. She’s not merely a model; she’s a catalyst for change.

Her impact reaches beyond the digital realm, as she has become a fashion icon for plus-size women. By modeling and discussing clothing from a wide range of businesses on Instagram and TikTok, she has been vocal about the fashion industry’s emphasis on a narrow size range at the expense of the plus-size market. Her credibility in the clothing department is a vital part of her appeal.

Remi Bader’s achievements extend beyond her social media presence, as she actively champions body acceptance, diversity, and self-love in the fashion industry. Her journey is not just about personal success; it’s about creating a more inclusive and accepting world.

Personal Life

While Remi Bader shares much of her life with her global audience, her personal life remains a well-guarded secret. Details about her love life are scant, and there has been no public record of her dating anyone. Whether she’s single or choosing to keep her relationships private, Remi’s focus remains on her career and inspiring others.

In a world where privacy is a luxury, Remi’s ability to maintain the mystery surrounding her personal life is a testament to her ability to strike a balance between her public and private personas. While the world may know her as a fashion icon and a champion for body positivity, the finer details of her personal life remain a well-kept secret.

Interesting Facts about Remi Bader

  • Remi Jo, affectionately known, is a prominent Instagram star who has amassed thousands of devoted followers.
  • Her striking looks and sense of style have captivated audiences worldwide, making her a true style star.
  • Beyond her professional life, Remi is an animal lover and has a beloved pet dog.
  • In a surprising turn of events, she lost her job in July 2020, which ultimately led her to venture into the world of modeling and content creation.
  • Travel is one of Remi’s passions, and she loves sharing her adventures with her fans.
  • In February 2021, she was profiled in Vogue in a story titled “This Curve Model Does Realistic Clothing Hauls on TikTok.”

These intriguing facts offer a glimpse into the life of an influencer who is not just about style and empowerment but also about embracing life’s adventures and surprises.

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Remi Bader Net Worth

The net worth of Remi Badar is estimated at around $1 million USD. Her income sources are diverse, including earnings from her modeling career, acting, advertising, and her significant presence on social media platforms. Her collaborations with numerous commercial brands have been a key driver of her financial success. Her influence extends beyond digital platforms, as she has posed for renowned magazines like Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Seventeen, further enhancing her income potential.

Remi’s net worth showcases her business acumen and the impact she has had on the fashion and modeling industry. Her story is a testament to the potential for success that can be achieved by staying true to oneself and using one’s influence to inspire positive change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Remi Bader worth?

Remi Badar worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Who is Remi Bader?

Remi Bader is a TikTok Creator and Curve Model. She is best known for realistic clothing hauls” on TikTok.

Who is Remi Bader’s boyfriend?

Details about her love life are scant, and there has been no public record of her dating anyone.

How tall is Remi Bader?

The TikTok Creator stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches.


Remi Bader’s journey is one of inspiration, empowerment, and the celebration of individuality. Her impact in the worlds of social media, fashion, and modeling is undeniable. From her early days in New York City to her rise as an advocate for body positivity, Remi’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, authenticity, and the embrace of one’s uniqueness. She’s not just a style star; she’s a beacon of positivity and empowerment.

In a world that craves authenticity and positivity, Remi Bader stands as a shining example. She’s not merely an influencer; she’s a role model for those seeking to break free from conventional norms and embrace their true selves. As her star continues to ascend, the world awaits her next move and the positive impact it will undoubtedly bring. Remi Bader is not just a name; she’s a symbol of empowerment and self-love in the digital age.

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