10 Mistakes You Must Avoid While Performing Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a huge concept in the marketing world. Here are the 10 mistakes that you must avoid while performing social media marketing:

1. Avoiding transparency

Transparency plays a major role in the process of social media marketing of a brand. One of the most common mistakes that most of the businesses commit is not being transparent to their audience. Transparency helps you to win over the trust of your customers. According to a lot of surveys, it has been found out that the brands which are transparent with their audience have more chances of getting a loyal customer base. Try not to disclose all details about your company to your audience as they might use it against you but try to provide all the essential details of your brand to them. This will help you to win over the trust of your audience.

2. Trying to be impersonal

One of the biggest mistakes that most of the brand commit is trying to act impersonal with their customers. Most of the brands try to handle the queries of their audience or customers with the help of automatic responders. This really hinders the growth of such businesses as people like to have a personal conversation with the brand. You should make them feel like as if they are interaction with a person who respects their queries and cares for their well-being. Try to showcase the humane side of your brand as it will help you gain the trust of your audience.

3. Don’t be self-centered

Social media is all about grabbing each other’s attention but no one wants to listen to your bragging throughout the entire day. This is a very common mistake that most of the brands make nowadays. They try to promote their brand in a way which keeps them as the center of the topic. Your audience wants to see content that they can relate to, so try to make content related to them and for them.

4. Do not go off topic

Going off topic is one of the biggest mistakes that most of brands nowadays do. It should be completely clear that as a business you need to cover all the interesting and essential topics of your brand that relates to its products and services. While doing these things, one must keep in mind not to go off topic. Besides trying to post interesting stuffs on your social media handles, you must never forget that all the information that you share with your audience should be related to your niche. Posting relevant content is really a key aspect that every brand should do if they want to survive in this highly competitive market and grow rapidly.

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5. Posting low engagement posts

A major mistake that really hampers the growth of a brand is posting low engagement posts. The basic foundation of social media marketing lies on the objective of converting your followers into your customers. More the number of customers you will have, more will be the amount of money you will earn. The conversion from a follower to a customer mainly depends on the engagement rate. Do not post anything that does not spark any sort of engagement. Your every post should be interesting and interactive so that it attracts a lot of user engagement to your business.

6. Not considering negative feedback

Whatever you do in life, there will be haters. You cannot avoid negative feedback. Most of the small brands try to ignore this aspect but for your own good you should never ignore negative feedback. If you want to succeed in life, try to always accept the criticism from the people and carefully respond them. If someone gives negative feedback on your post, you should be really grateful to that person for pointing out the flaw in your brand’s product or services and try to always address them in a professional manner. Your brand’s customer service department should handle such situations wisely.

7. Trying to post outdated content

Brands should never post any kind of outdated content. Posting outdated content hinders the growth of your business. It lowers down the engagement rate of your brand. People love to watch the latest content that is trending on the internet. Posting latest content will help you to keep your audience engaged with your brand thereby bringing in more traffic to your business. The main objective of a brand should be to satisfy the customer demands and keep them stay happy. Your content should not be too old and it should be relevant so that people find interest in your content.

8. Posting randomly

Random posting is a very bad habit that most of the small brands do. Marketing your brand on Social media platforms is a very technical task and it requires proper strategy and planning. Do not try to post randomly without having a proper plan as it completely hinders the growth of your business. Try to have a purpose and goal behind every post that you share on different social media platforms. Think of the resources that you will require to achieve your desired goals, this will help you to strategically plan your post before sharing it on the web.

9. Staying on all the social media platforms

Never try to be on all the social media platforms. O e of the most common mistakes that brands nowadays commit is creating an account on every social media platform. Try not to stretch your marketing efforts by being present on all the social media channel. Focus on the social media channels where most of your crucial leads and potential clients are present. Keep yourself updated and keep checking new trending topics on all social platforms example, Instagram Live stream, YouTube shorts, and live streaming, Facebook Streaming these new features are trending and many users love them. Starting Instagram Live streaming is too easy & you can get more followers and stay connected with your existing fans as well.

10. Trying to be a robot

People who are highly engaged with your business may have queries and ask questions to your brand. Most of these small brands act like a robot and use spam bots to response to them. Try to avoid the use of such kind of bots. Respond to them like a real person as it will help you to win over their trust.

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