Punchmade Dev Net Worth

Punchmade Dev is an American rapper, artist, musician, and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $2 Million. He is known for his creative and satirical approach to hip-hop, incorporating humor, social commentary, and technical rapping into his music. From an early age, Punchmade Dev demonstrated an innate connection with technology and video gaming, a passion that eventually led him to create compelling gaming content on YouTube. Not only did he amass over 100,000 subscribers within a year, but he also garnered attention for his video titled “Rappers on NBA 2K16 MyPARK! • (Chief Keef and 21 Savage) | The Best Jumpshot In The Game,” showcasing his gaming prowess alongside his unique jumpshot.

As he transitioned from gaming to music, Punchmade Dev faced challenges with record labels, experiencing the deletion of his career twice. Undeterred, he unleashed his debut album, UNDEFEATED, on his birthday, October 16, 2021, marking a triumphant return to the music scene. Punchmade Dev is not only the lead member but also the founder of PUNCHMADE RECORDS, a record label he established to assert creative control over his work. His music’s artistic influences, including iconic figures like 2Pac, Chief Keef, Lil Wayne, and others, shine through, creating a unique and captivating sound.

What is Punchmade Dev Net Worth?

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Net Worth:$2 Million
Real Name:Devon Isaak Turner
Age:23 years
Place of Birth:North Carolina

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Early Life

Punchmade Dev was born on October 16, 2000, in North Carolina, From his early days, Punchmade Dev exhibited a knack for technology and a passion for fashion. Even as a youngster, he was known for his impeccable style, meticulously planning his outfits the day before. Inspired by musical legends such as 2Pac, Chief Keef, Lil Wayne, and others, Punchmade Dev initially hesitated to pursue a career in rap. However, his journey took a different turn when he discovered the potential of sharing his gaming experiences on YouTube. The decision to create gaming content proved to be a pivotal one, earning him a substantial following and YouTube revenue.

Despite his success in the gaming arena, Punchmade Dev’s heart remained in music. Influenced by YBN Nahmir’s transition from gaming to a successful rap career, he took a leap of faith, investing his YouTube earnings in studio equipment. This marked the beginning of his music journey, eventually leading to the release of his breakout single, Track Meet, in March 2019. The song served as a catalyst for Punchmade Dev’s musical endeavors, propelling him towards the creation of his own music and the establishment of PUNCHMADE RECORDS.


Punchmade Dev’s career is a testament to his resilience and passion for creative expression. His early success on YouTube as a gaming content creator laid the foundation for his foray into the music industry. The rapid growth of his channel, featuring gaming videos related to NBA 2K, GTA, and Fortnite, demonstrated his ability to connect with a diverse audience. However, it was his realization, inspired by YBN Nahmir, that he could be a rapper too, which fueled his transition into the music scene.

Breaking into the music industry, Punchmade Dev faced setbacks with record labels, having his career wiped out twice. Undeterred, he harnessed these challenges as fuel for his creativity. On October 16, 2021, Punchmade Dev celebrated his birthday by dropping his debut album, UNDEFEATED, a symbolic declaration of his resilience and determination. The album, consisting of 10 tracks, provided listeners with an intimate glimpse into his experiences, seamlessly blending his love for gaming with his musical artistry.


Punchmade Dev’s breakthrough moment came with the release of his debut album, UNDEFEATED, and the subsequent success of his singles, Internet Swiping, and Anonymous Activity. The popularity of these tracks not only solidified his position in the music industry but also propelled him to start his own record label, PUNCHMADE RECORDS. The decision to take control of his artistic direction marked a turning point in his career, allowing him to produce his instrumentals, engineer his tracks, and edit his music videos.

The rapper’s musical influences, ranging from Chief Keef to Lil Wayne, are evident in the unique blend of styles present in his music. His breakout single, Track Meet, served as a stepping stone for Punchmade Dev, showcasing his ability to captivate audiences with his lyricism and distinctive sound. The release of UNDEFEATED further established him as a force to be reckoned with in the music scene, gaining recognition not only for his artistic talent but also for his resilience in the face of industry challenges.

Net Worth of Punchmade Dev

Other Ventures

Beyond his success in the music industry, Punchmade Dev is a true entrepreneur. In 2021, he launched his own record label, PUNCHMADE RECORDS, where he takes charge of producing instrumentals, engineering, and editing music videos. This venture not only showcases his versatility but also reflects his commitment to creative autonomy. Punchmade Dev’s influence extends beyond music, as he is recognized for his fashion sense and lifestyle within the rap community.

As a passionate gamer, Punchmade Dev has seamlessly integrated his love for gaming into his music and online persona. His YouTube channel, initially dedicated to gaming content, played a crucial role in financing his transition into music. The rapper’s decision to invest in studio equipment using his YouTube revenue demonstrates his strategic mindset and forward-thinking approach to his career.

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Personal Life

While Punchmade Dev remains relatively private about his personal life, glimpses into his world emerge through social media and interviews. Acknowledging the importance of maintaining a balance between public and private spheres, he shares occasional insights into his personal life. Punchmade Dev has mentioned having a girlfriend, although he has chosen to keep her identity private. Beyond his musical and gaming pursuits, his commitment to privacy reflects a thoughtful approach to navigating fame and personal life.

As a passionate gamer, Punchmade Dev devotes time to playing video games, particularly NBA 2K. This love for gaming not only informs his music but also serves as a bridge between his dual identities as a gamer and a rapper. This intersection of interests has contributed to the unique flavor of his music, resonating with audiences who share a similar passion for gaming culture.


Here are some Punchmade Dev career highlights:


  • Begins releasing tracks online under the name Punchmade Dev
  • Gains initial recognition with his song “Neighborhood Star”
  • Establishes a strong presence on social media, particularly TikTok


  • Releases his debut album, “Chances Make Champions”
  • Continues to release viral songs, including “In Scams We Trust” and “Wire Fry Tutorial”
  • Expands his musical reach through collaborations with other artists


  • Released his second album, “Richest Puncher”
  • Receives media attention for his unconventional style and controversial lyrics
  • Garners has a dedicated fan base and establishes himself as a rising star in hip-hop


  • Released his third album, “Undefeated”
  • Continues to tour and perform live
  • Embarks on various entrepreneurial ventures, including founding his own record label, PUNCHMADE RECORDS


  • Maintains a strong presence in the music industry, releasing new music and collaborating with other artists
  • Continues to expand his entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Remains a popular figure on social media, interacting with fans and promoting his work

Punchmade Dev Net Worth

Punchmade Dev’s journey from a YouTube gamer to a successful rapper and entrepreneur has significantly contributed to his net worth, estimated to be $2 million. His early success on YouTube, coupled with strategic investments in studio equipment and the launch of PUNCHMADE RECORDS, has positioned him as a prominent figure in both the gaming and music industries. The rapper’s ability to navigate challenges, including the deletion of his career by record labels, showcases his resilience and determination to control his artistic destiny.

The net worth analysis delves into the various revenue streams contributing to Punchmade Dev’s financial success. From YouTube revenue generated during his gaming career to income generated through music, merchandise, and business ventures, Punchmade Dev has crafted a diversified financial portfolio. His influence extends beyond music, as he actively pursues entrepreneurial opportunities, demonstrating a strategic approach to wealth accumulation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Punchmade Dev?

Punchmade Dev, born Devon Isaak Turner on October 16, 2000, is a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and entrepreneur. He is known for his satirical and often humorous lyrics, which often poke fun at society, technology, and the music industry. He has released several successful albums and mixtapes, and he has a large following on social media.

What is Punchmade Dev’s real name?

Punchmade Dev’s real name is Devon Isaak Turner.

How much is Punchmade Dev worth?

Punchmade Dev net worth is estimated to be $2 million. This figure encompasses his earnings from various sources, including his YouTube career, music endeavors, and entrepreneurial ventures.

What is Punchmade Dev’s height?

Punchmade Dev’s height is 6 ft 5 inches.

Where is Punchmade Dev from?

Punchmade Dev is from North Carolina.

Where does Punchmade Dev live?

Punchmade Dev lives in Los Angeles, California.


In conclusion, Punchmade Dev’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and creative expression. From his early days as a gaming content creator to the release of his debut album UNDEFEATED and the establishment of PUNCHMADE RECORDS, Punchmade Dev has navigated the complexities of the entertainment industry with grace and determination. His ability to seamlessly blend gaming, music, and entrepreneurship sets him apart as a unique and influential figure.

Punchmade Dev’s impact extends beyond his creative endeavors, resonating with audiences who appreciate authenticity and innovation. The rapper’s commitment to creative autonomy, evidenced by his role as the founder of PUNCHMADE RECORDS, speaks to his desire to shape his artistic legacy on his terms. As he continues to evolve as an artist and entrepreneur, Punchmade Dev inspires aspiring musicians and content creators worldwide, proving that success is attainable through passion, hard work, and a willingness to embrace one’s uniqueness.

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