What Are The Best Internet And TV Deals In Windstream?

Entertainment has made our stressful lives much easier. Like everything, entertainment also has a long history of evolution. If we talk about current times, the major forms of entertainment is television and the Internet.

The Internet has significantly played a major role in connecting people. There are multiple internet service providers in the US but Windstream Internet has been ruling the league for years. 

If we talk about the most conventional form of entertainment, you would undoubtedly say Television. TV has been a reliever in our hectic schedule, Windstream, being one of the hot favorites of users has announced some crazy bundles for Internet and TV. How about we have a look at it?

Without wasting your time, let’s talk about Windstream TV and the plan.

Windstream TV – Plans & Pricing

Windstream offers 3 of its amazing bundles to the consumers, the provider is currently not offering Kinetic TV, but other options won’t be disappointing.

  • Direct TV

If you live in an area where weather conditions are stable and you won’t face such issues then Direct TV would be a suitable option for you as the plan comes with a satellite connection where users will be allowed to have access to popular channels and some regular entertainment channels. If you want Direct TV at your doorstep, you would need a dish so that you can have easy access.

  • Direct TV Stream

You know the reliability if you are a Windstream user. The plan is a streaming thing that works with the Internet. You can watch whatever you want in just a go. You can have a DIRECT TV GEMINI, voice-controlled remote for free because it is already included in the plan. You can easily stream up to 4K. You know Windstream won’t give you a surprise of overuse because the provider offers unlimited data.

  • YouTube TV- Cut your wire

If you are bored with your old-school wired or any satellite connection, then you should definitely opt for this plan in general. Do you know why? Because the plan allows you to have access to more than 85 live TV channels. What are you still waiting for?

I am sure you liked the TV plans offered by Windstream, how about I show you one of the fastest internet in town? Let’s have a look.

Kinetic by Windstream Internet

Windstream has announced Kinetic as the official name for its services. The network provider comes with Fantastic FIVE packages so that the user can take advantage of it.

Kinetic Internet – DSL

Kinetic Internet by Windstream is a DLS service internet where users would easily get up to 100mbps download speed so if you are a user who is not keen to ask for a super-fast internet, then you should definitely choose the DSL plan.

Kinetic Internet – Fiber 500

This should be on your bucket list if you are a social media addict as the plan comes with super-fast fiber where users will be allowed to have 500mbps of download speed with no data caps.

Kinetic Internet – Fiber 1gig

The plan is one of the hot favorites in town as it offers users up to 1gbps download speed so if you are a user who wants to have streaming with no buffers, the plan is perfect for you.

Kinetic Internet – Fiber 2Gig

If you are a person who wants more, don’t worry because Windstream knows consumers better than the others, Fiber III comes with flashy 2gbps of download speed so if you want your gaming experience to get enhanced, then you should keep an eye on the plan.

Kinetic Internet – 8Gig

This tier would be for those consumers who believe in “more is better” because Windstream Internet comes with a blazing 8gbps download speed. The availability of the plan is still very low, If you’re fortunate enough to have this one around, you should go for it, and if you couldn’t find 8 gigs in your area. Sit tight, because Windstream is already working on it.


I am not denying the fact that there are hundreds of providers working and offering crazy bundles to the users, but if you are genuinely looking for something great, my verdict would be Windstream, as the provider has built trust amongst the users for years. Choose at your own risk.

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