Top Famous Apps Built with Flutter Framework

The most important thing to understand about Flutter app development is that Google released it as a developer-friendly substitute for cross-platform app development. With Flutter, you can create apps only once and have them cross-compiled for several platforms.

Because of Flutter’s comprehensive documentation, developers are excited to utilize it. In version 0.6, it became publicly accessible.

Now that the most recent version has stabilized, new features are starting to appear.

The Flutter framework also offers the following advantages:

  • Having a preview of modifications.
  • Performance apps that provide a lot.
  • Working with designs that use fewer resources.

This open-source framework was created by Google in 2015; it was known as “Sky” at the time. Because Flutter is a cross-platform solution, you can create apps that function across platforms using a single codebase.

Additionally, Fuchsia, a future Google operating system that is eventually slated to replace Android, runs mostly on the Flutter framework. Like other cross-platform solutions, Flutter app development services are becoming more and more well-liked among developers.

Why is that?

Considering that it’s a user-friendly SDK (software development kit) that makes it simple to create and launch apps for iOS and Android.

Moreover, it is constantly reinforced.

Developers will provide native support for more Flutter app development, while those who concentrate just on building one platform won’t require any further assistance.

What Is the Flutter Framework?

The free, open-source, and Flutter mobile user interface framework was created by Google and released in May 2017. In short, it allows you to create a native mobile application with a single codebase. As a result, you may use the same codebase and programming language to create two different apps (for iOS and Android).

Flutter consists of two essential parts:

  • An SDK (Software Development Kit) is a collection of tools that will help you create applications. There are additional tools supplied for translating your code to native machine code (iOS and android code).
  • A collection of reusable user interface (UI) elements, such as buttons, text inputs, sliders, and other components, that you may alter for your own needs is called an architecture (a UI library built on widgets).

It will surprise you to learn that over 10,000 apps have been launched using Flutter app development with the help of a mobile app development company, making it the most widely used cross-platform framework available. Regardless of market trends, let’s examine the top 10 Flutter applications in more detail.

These Are the Top 10 Mobile Apps Built On Flutter Framework

1. Google products – Stadia, Google Ads, Google Assistant

The mobile gaming streaming service Google Stadia is compatible with iOS and Android handsets. The Stadia development team decided to use Flutter for their project’s prototype phase. Subsequently, it was discovered that Flutter was only being used by mobile app development services in Stadia’s early development. To enhance the Google Ads experience and assist advertisers in staying in touch with their campaigns while on the road, Flutter is also utilized in the Google Ads mobile app. Google utilizes Flutter for the Google Home hub’s UI and several panels of the Google Assistant.

2. Alibaba Group

One of the most significant online marketplaces in the world for shopping is Alibaba. They decided to create a mobile application in 2017 to support their most prosperous stores. The lack of iOS app developers led them to hunt for a cross-platform solution. Flutter offers a substantially smaller learning curve and a feature called “hot reload” in comparison to React Native app development services. Alibaba was able to quickly create one of the most popular eCommerce apps out there because of Flutter’s vast feature set.

3. My BMW

Although there existed an Android version, the My BMW app’s previous iteration was primarily made for iOS app development. Because the two variants differed enough, BMW investigated other options. A top flutter app development company‘s choices and rapid time-to-market were greatly influenced by its cross-platform development. BMW continues to produce new models quickly; in a given year, over 10,000 variations are produced.

4. Toyota

Toyota is among the several firms who are attempting to integrate Flutter into their vehicles. Toyota Chief Engineer Daniel Hall gave a keynote speech at Flutter Engage and outlined four fundamental justifications for the company’s usage of the Flutter platform:

  • Excellent performance under limited circumstances.
  • Toyota will benefit from Flutter’s assistance in creating a seamless in-car user interface.
  • The ergonomics of Flutter enable developers to employ cross-platform technologies.
  • Customer experience is improved via quicker iteration cycles.

5. The eBay

Using the software app development services, you may purchase and sell cars right from your phone. Sellers may snap a picture of their license plate using the app, and it will automatically complete all the car data. eBay Motors differs from other Flutter applications in that it is constructed on the Flutter platform, adheres to the Flutter app templates, and automatically classifies photographs using machine learning and tailored feeds. Users of the program may also personalize their feed and benefit from an intuitive UI.

6. Tencent

Flutter gave Tencent its start. In some of the most played video games and digital entertainment, such as League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Honor of Kings, it is a well-known name. Flutter app development is also used by a large number of its other apps, including AITeacher, QiDian, and DingDang. Tencent aimed to simplify and improve the usability of its users’ travel, educational, and professional experiences, among other things. They could utilize the same code across platforms thanks to the Flutter app development company, which provided them with the availability and flexibility they need.

7. Nubank

Flutter has changed everything for Nubank as it allows them to grow their company without sacrificing the caliber of their goods. Because so many of their engineers were able to transition to full-stack development, they are now more productive and happier with their jobs. Newly recruited developers may start working on the app within a few days of joining Flutter since the onboarding process is so straightforward. In a few weeks, engineers who now do not work on mobile devices may become productive.

8. Groupon App

Another business that is a great illustration of one that makes use of a pre-made application is Groupon. It included applications designed for the company as well as apps designed for the customer. The first one has already over 50 million downloads, while the second was far less significant but still had over 500,000 downloads; using new technology meant a lesser degree of risk. Rather than starting from scratch with a new app, Groupon chose to integrate Flutter with an already-existing solution.

9. Sonos

One music service that links to other providers is called Sonos. The idea is to use a single app to play all of your music from different services. Because of its nature, the software must be developed cross-platform for Windows, macOS, iOS, and maybe FireOS. Flutter app development was the rapid cross-platform development tool of choice for Sonos following its original, rather problematic release. The latest Sonos version is generally accessible and free of bugs.

10. Reflectly

Reflecting is a popular app that utilizes Flutter as its core and is an AI-driven lifestyle application that encourages users to start their own notebooks. React Native was first used to build Reflectly. However, it did not work properly on Android owing to application movement. To make Reflectly functional, activities have to be removed. The confusing architecture became too much for the response system, so they moved to Flutter, which offers rich native performance at the lowest crash-down rates.

Wrapping Up

In the realm of mobile app development, the Flutter framework has emerged as a game changer. Its wide array of tools and capabilities enables developers to create gorgeous and high-performing mobile apps across numerous platforms. The top ten mobile applications developed using 

Flutter demonstrates the framework’s diversity and capability by designing attractive user interfaces, delivering smooth performance, and providing seamless cross-platform experiences. Flutter is emerging as a top choice for developers looking to create cutting-edge mobile apps for eCommerce, social networking, productivity, or entertainment.

As the demand for Flutter app development services, it is clear that this framework is transforming the way developers construct mobile apps. If you want to design an app for a future project, Flutter may be the correct solution for you. In terms of development, you should select a team of specialists that can produce creative mobile applications while also providing functional, appealing apps that will help your business expand.

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