Simon Guobadia Net Worth

Simon Guobadia is a Nigerian-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and executive producer who has a net worth of $40 Million. He gained public attention for his involvement in the reality television show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” At that time, he was known for being married to Falynn Guobadia, who was briefly featured on the show. Born in 1960 in Benin City, Nigeria, his journey from a teenager adjusting to life in the US to a multifaceted entrepreneur is nothing short of inspirational.

Delving into Simon Guobadia’s net worth is not just about numbers; it’s about uncovering the story of a man who ventured from accounting to entrepreneurship, co-founding businesses across logistics, oil and gas, technology, and more. This exploration is a testament to his business acumen, diversified investments, and significant contributions to various industries.

What is Simon Guobadia Net Worth?

Net Worth:$40 Million
Real Name:Simon Iyore Guobadia
Date of Birth:June 2, 1964
Place of Birth:Benin City, Nigeria

Early Life and Education

Simon’s early life in Nigeria was marked by solid work ethics instilled by his entrepreneur parents. His journey to the United States as a teenager, overcoming cultural and language barriers, laid the foundation for the success he would achieve later in life.

Adapting to a new life and culture, Simon excelled academically, graduating with a degree in accounting from Indiana University Bloomington in 1982. This educational background became the springboard for his future ventures.


Simon’s career journey began with roles in accounting and finance, but his entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found businesses that would leave a lasting impact. His ability to identify and seize opportunities has been a constant throughout his dynamic career.

From PAA Transportation in 1984 to SIMCOOL Petroleum Corporation in 1994, Simon Guobadia’s ventures in logistics, oil and gas, and technology have thrived under his leadership. His role in the SIMCOL Group and KLC Petroleum showcases his active involvement in business decisions.

Business Ventures

SIMCOOL Petroleum Corporation, founded in 1994, emerged as a significant player in the downstream oil and gas industry. Specializing in petroleum storage, distribution, and retailing, the company contributed substantially to Simon’s overall net worth.

In 2005, Simon diversified into technology with the co-founding of ScribeCO, a software company. This move showcased his adaptability and forward-thinking approach to business, contributing to the overall success of his ventures.

Maintaining an active role in leadership, Simon’s involvement in the SIMCOL Group and KLC Petroleum solidifies his commitment to success and expansion across different industries.

Real Estate Investments

Simon’s taste for luxury is evident in his real estate investments. His estate in Atlanta, Georgia, is estimated to be worth millions, reflecting a strategic approach to wealth management through property.

With properties in Buckhead and Sandy Springs, Georgia, Simon’s real estate ventures have played a significant role in boosting his net worth. These high-value assets contribute to the overall diversity of his investment portfolio.

The real estate sector has not only been a wealth generator for Simon but also a strategic avenue for long-term financial stability. The careful selection of properties reflects his keen understanding of market dynamics.

Entertainment Industry Involvement

Simon’s foray into the entertainment industry as an executive producer for films and documentaries has added a layer of creativity to his portfolio. Productions like “Jail Dogs,” “Son of the South,” and “Kill” showcase his ability to succeed beyond the business realm.

Beyond financial gains, Simon’s involvement in entertainment aligns with his multifaceted approach to life. It adds a unique dimension to his public persona, contributing to both fame and fortune.

Philanthropy and Community Involvement

While details about Simon’s charitable endeavors may be sketchy, his dedication to giving back to society is evident. He sponsors educational initiatives, supports healthcare infrastructure, and contributes to the development of underserved communities.

Simon’s commitment to community growth earned him induction into the Indiana University Kelley School of Business Hall of Fame in 2010 and the Nigerian American Businessman of the Year award in 2014. The National Association of Black Business Professionals also recognized him in 2019.

Investments Beyond Business

Simon’s foray into the restaurant industry, notably with Buckhead Bottle Bar and Simon’s Restaurant, adds a flavorful dimension to his business portfolio. While facing challenges, these ventures showcase his willingness to explore various sectors.

Beyond oil and gas, technology, and entertainment, Simon Guobadia has made additional investments in various industries. His diversified approach minimizes risks and maximizes potential returns.

Diversification is a key strategy in wealth management. Simon’s investments in real estate, restaurants, and beyond highlight a nuanced approach to creating multiple income streams, ensuring financial stability and growth.

Personal Life and Controversies

Simon’s personal life has been marked by love and loss. His previous marriage to Falynn Pina resulted in two children, showcasing another dimension of his life beyond the business realm.

In 2022, Simon’s marriage to Porsha Williams made headlines, accompanied by controversies from his past. Despite the public scrutiny, the couple remains focused on building their lives together.

Simon and Porsha’s ability to navigate through controversies highlights resilience and a commitment to their personal journey. The couple’s focus on the present and future speaks to their determination to move forward.

Career Highlights

  • Co-founding PAA Transportation (1984): Simon Guobadia made a significant mark in the logistics and transportation sector by co-founding PAA Transportation in 1984. Under his management, the company thrived as a nationwide transportation and logistics provider.
  • Establishing SIMCOOL Petroleum Corporation (1994): In 1994, Simon ventured into the oil and gas industry by co-founding SIMCOOL Petroleum Corporation. The company became a major player in downstream oil and gas, specializing in petroleum storage, distribution, and retailing.
  • Co-founding ScribeCO (2005): Demonstrating a diversified approach to entrepreneurship, Simon entered the technology sector by co-founding ScribeCO in 2005. This software company reflected his forward-thinking mindset and ability to explore opportunities beyond traditional industries.
  • Induction into the Indiana University Kelley School of Business Hall of Fame (2010): Simon Guobadia received recognition for his enterprising skills when he was inducted into the Indiana University Kelley School of Business Hall of Fame in 2010. This acknowledgment highlighted his contributions to the business world.
  • Nigerian-American Businessman of the Year (2014): The Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce honored Simon Guobadia by naming him the Nigerian American Businessman of the Year in 2014. This prestigious award recognized his achievements and impact on the business landscape.

Simon Guobadia Net Worth

Simon Guobadia Net Worth is estimated to be around $40 million as a result of a carefully orchestrated combination of successful businesses, strategic investments, and diverse income streams.

While exact financial figures may not be readily available, Simon’s wealth stems from businesses like SIMCOOL Petroleum Corporation and leadership roles in the transportation and logistics industry. His real estate investments, entertainment ventures, and diverse business portfolio contribute to a steady income flow.

Comparing Simon’s net worth to previous years or industry benchmarks provides insights into his financial growth and market positioning. His ability to adapt to changing economic landscapes and identify lucrative opportunities is a key driver of his success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Simon Guobadia worth?

Simon Guobadia’s net worth is estimated to be around $40 million. This figure is based on his successful business ventures, investments, and other revenue streams.

What are the sources of Simon Guobadia’s wealth?

His primary source of wealth comes from his business ventures, particularly Simcol Group, which has interests in oil and gas, renewable energy, manufacturing, and commodities trading. Additionally, he has earned income through executive producing films and through his appearances on reality TV.

Is Simon Guobadia richer than Porsha Williams?

This is a difficult question to answer definitively, as Porsha Williams’ net worth is also confidential. However, based on available information, it’s likely that Simon Guobadia has a higher net worth due to his extensive business activities.

How did Simon Guobadia make his money?

Guobadia started his career as a Certified Public Accountant before transitioning into entrepreneurship. He founded Simcol Group, which gradually diversified its holdings, leading to significant financial success.


Simon Guobadia’s net worth is a testament to his journey from Nigeria to becoming a prominent figure in American business and entertainment. His adaptability, business acumen, and diverse interests have propelled him to success across industries.

Simon’s ability to thrive in logistics, oil and gas, technology, real estate, and the entertainment industry showcases his multifaceted approach. Beyond business, his philanthropic activities and community engagement underscore the importance of giving back.

As we explore Simon Guobadia’s net worth, we uncover not just financial figures but a narrative of resilience, creativity, and determination. The story of Simon Guobadia is a source of inspiration for those looking to navigate the complex landscape of entrepreneurship and success. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, and let’s continue the conversation about success, wealth, and the journey to achieving dreams.

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