Modern and Classic Door Handle Designs for Your Doors by Handles4u

Modernity in every essence and classy look for your every interior designing element is what the current generation seek for. Everyone is looking to enhance their décor with the touch of modernity along with a sleek classic look. When it comes to modern trends, they often include designs from the genre like minimalist, rustic, traditional, wooden, metallic, etc.

The overall enhancement of the look of any room depends upon even the tiniest element of your interior design, from the walls to the hardware every piece should be in correlation with the other. Door handles often play a major role in complementing the overall aesthetic look of your space. When it comes to opting for a right door handle for your door which not only fulfill the functionality requirement but also which provides with extreme satisfaction to your creative part of the brain by attaining the overall aesthetic look for your space by sustaining the modernity and the classic vibes of your décor is the supreme need.

The combination of modern and classic design elements for kitchen door handles results in timeless and elegant pieces which can elevate the style of any room. Materials like brushed stainless steel or matte black finishes can complement both the styles along with offering durability and sophistication.

Door handles come in a vast variety of styles. Some of the modern designs which can complement the aesthetic of every individual and which can go with any interior design are:

1. Minimalist Lever Door Handles: Geometric lines and shapes, sleek, simple and often made of metal, these handles offer a contemporary and cohesive look for your space. Minimalist styles are among the most popular designs and are trending enormously over the interior designing industry.

2. Tubular Door Handles: Long, cylindrical door handles with a minimalist design, often used on sliding doors or cabinets provide a sleek and creative look to your space and also provide a unique texture, giving a bold look.

3. Matte Black Finish: When it comes to provide contrast with the light-colored interior, black matte finish door handles come into play. Matte black finish door handles have become a popular choice of interior designing industry. It has become a style statement and is often linked with durability and sophistication.

4. Integrated Pull Door Handles: Another modern door handle design which is taking its place in the interior designing industry is the flush-mounted door handles that blend seamlessly into the door which provides a streamlined appearance.

When it comes to the classic designs, door handles do not lack behind. Some of the Classic designs for your dream door handles which will complement your aesthetic are:

1. Ornate Brass Door Handles: Brass door handles are intricately designed with decorative patterns. They evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication. Often fills your space with a creative outlook.

2. Porcelain Door Handles: Porcelain Door Handles are classic and understated. Porcelain door handles offer a traditional look that complements various interior styles and are one of the best options to attain an aesthetic look for your space.

3. Scrollwork Lever Door Handles: Scrollwork Lever Door Handles are reminiscent of the traditional European designs. Scrollwork Lever Door features ornate scrollwork and curves which makes it an ideal design for attaining a classy and elegant look from the great European styles.

The examples above are just the upper layer of the door handle designs. But as you dig deeper, countless variations and combinations are available to suit any aesthetic preference and fulfill the needs of every individual. Hence, before making your decision it is preferable to do proper research and go through all the available designs thoroughly. 

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