Let Your Custom Packaging Engage With Customers for You

Custom product packaging can be a cost-effective way to engage with customers. Regardless of the size of your advertising budget, many potential customers could see your products on store shelves or online marketplaces. Eye-catching packaging that communicates the unique features of each product can drive engagement without additional promotional expenses. Here are three ways that custom packaging can engage with customers.

Tear Notches or Closures

Features for opening and closing packaging might not be your first thought when it comes to engagement. In reality, the ease of opening a package can make or break the customer experience. 

Many people have experienced frustration while trying to open packages without scissors or other cutting tools. Including tear notches on packaging sends a clear message to consumers of all ages that you care about ease of use and want to promote the enjoyment of your products.

If a package contains more than one serving of a product, a press-to-close zipper can also be helpful for preserving freshness and preventing spills and messes. Tear notches and resealable closures work in tandem with the protective features of barrier packaging

Transparent Packaging

Clear packaging or see-through windows on opaque packaging can boost the shelf appeal of products. Many customers appreciate being able to get a sense of the condition and freshness of packaged products before making purchases. 

If you are considering transparent packaging, you should factor in whether your products are sensitive to light. If exposure to artificial or natural light could affect the appearance of products, even if the quality would be unaffected, a smaller clear or clouded window could be preferable to packaging that is entirely transparent.

You can facilitate engagement by factoring the visibility of products into your choice of custom Mylar bags or any other flexible films. In addition to these structural options, you can also promote engagement by customizing the designs printed on packaging.

Smart Packaging

In recent years, stand up pouch packaging has become more common for consumer goods. Digital printing technology lowers production costs and enables small or mid-sized companies to develop packaging that can compete with established brands.

The leading flexible packaging provider offers many options to engage with customers through packaging. Some standard features include high-resolution text and graphics and photo-quality images. Interactive connected packaging features are design options that are directly oriented towards promoting engagement.

Quick response or QR codes can convert in-person customers to website visitors. By inviting curious consumers to learn more about your brand, you may be able to convert these individuals into unofficial brand ambassadors who positively review and recommend your products.

Why To Prioritize Engagement

Customer engagement plays a key part in driving first-time sales. When your product packaging does double duty by presenting your products in the best light and preserving freshness, you are likely to see higher sales volumes. Good packaging design can also hold the interest of customers and lead to repurchasing. Even if you also plan to run promotional campaigns, developing appealing packaging can help your brand engage with a wider audience.

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