Engage With Your Customers Through Your Packaging

Custom flexible packaging isn’t just for keeping your products fresh — it’s also an opportunity to connect with your customers. The grocery store is the first place many consumers encounter brands, making packaging crucial to your marketing campaign. If you want to use packaging to build strong relationships with your customers, here’s everything you need to know.

Stand Out on the Shelf

There’s plenty of competition on the supermarket shelf, so it’s crucial to make your products stand out, especially if you’re a new brand. Your packaging design should make consumers pause as they reach for their usual choice and reconsider.

To achieve this, you must first know the dominant trends in your industry. Once you see what everyone else has on the market, look for ways to differentiate your brand. For instance, if minimalism is in, lean maximalist in your design. As a result, your products will stand out among a sea of the same-old, same-old.

Visuals aren’t the only way to achieve this — dimensions are also a great way to be unique. If the leading brands package their cookies in a long, flat box, consider a stand-up pouch instead to encourage snacking on the go.

QR Codes

Did you know you can include QR codes on custom mylar bags? These small, black-and-white squares allow smartphone users to access a website with a click of the camera rather than copying and pasting a full URL. Since the process is so quick, people are more likely to try it, allowing you to deliver added value:

  • Ingredient sourcing information
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Opportunities to enter sweepstakes

Custom printing even allows you to create a unique QR code for each package. As a result, you can offer custom prizes for special events.

Create Consistent Branding

Brand recognition is essential to building a loyal customer base. Consumers are more likely to purchase from a familiar company; the only way to become familiar is to be consistent in your messaging.

Color palettes are one of the best ways to brand since customers will see them even if they don’t read your label. Consistent palettes across multiple products allow consumers to instantly recognize they’re all from the same company. The more they associate high-quality goods with your brand, the higher the likelihood they’ll purchase from you again.

Logos are another highly recognizable visual clue that shoppers rely on. A unique logo that conveys something about your story or values can make a huge difference when building a customer base from scratch.

Appeal to the Senses

Finally, don’t limit your branding to visuals. Hitting multiple senses can boost consumer engagement, especially if you sell food or other sense-heavy products:

  • Touch
  • Scent
  • Sound

Touch may be the easiest aspect of your packaging to address, as you can decide on the finish and even add texture. However, you can also appeal to consumers’ noses with scented stickers and inks. 

With the right flexible packaging film and a solid design, you can get more out of your products’ appearances. Before you launch your newest line, look for a packaging manufacturer that’s on the same page. 

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