Cole Bennett Net Worth

Cole Bennett is an American music video director, entrepreneur, and founder of the multimedia company Lyrical Lemonade who has a net worth of $30 million. When it comes to bringing music to life through mesmerizing visuals in the hip-hop world, Cole Bennett stands out as an unrivaled maestro. His trajectory from a passionate youngster to a visionary music video director is both captivating and awe-inspiring. This article dives deep into the life, career, and affluence of the mastermind behind Lyrical Lemonade, offering readers a panoramic view of his illustrious journey.

In the current hip-hop scenario, music videos often become as iconic as the tracks themselves. Amidst this visual evolution, Cole Bennett has emerged as a trailblazer, setting standards and shaping the visual narrative of modern hip-hop.

A Quick Bio of Cole Bennett

Real NameCole Michael Bennett
NicknameCole Bennett
BirthdayMay 14, 1996
Age27 years
BirthplacePlano, Illinois, (United States)
ProfessionAmerican music video director, Entrepreneur
Height5 Feet 11 Inches
Weight78 Kilograms
EducationPlano High School, Chicago, Illinois’ DePaul University
Zodiac SignTaurus
Net Worth30 million dollars

Who is Cole Bennett?

The name Cole Bennett is not just recognized but revered in hip-hop circles. As the driving force behind Lyrical Lemonade, he’s melded his entrepreneurial acumen with an unbridled passion for music, creating a brand that’s both influential and innovative. Beyond the videos, Bennett’s significance lies in the cultural shifts he instigates, marking him as a transformative figure in the hip-hop realm.

Emerging from the shadows as a young enthusiast, today, Bennett sits at the helm of the music video production industry. With every project, he reiterates his status, not merely as a director but as an artist and a storyteller, weaving tales through visuals and sound.

Cole Bennett Early Life

Cole Bennett was born in Plano, Illinois, United States. Plano is a city located in Kendall County, and it provided the initial backdrop to Bennett’s early life and influences. As he grew, Bennett would take the experiences and influences from this small city and make a significant mark in the world of hip-hop music video production.

Born amidst the rhythms and beats of a music-loving environment, Cole’s fascination with music was palpable even during his formative years. His hometown laid the foundational stones, introducing him to the vibrant world of hip-hop, and instilling a passion that would later define his life’s purpose. Navigating the tumultuous journey of adolescence, Bennett was no ordinary teenager. While his peers were grappling with routine challenges, he was envisioning a future in music video production, setting the stage for the empire he would later establish.

Cole Bennett Education

Cole Bennett studied at Chicago, Illinois’ DePaul University. To concentrate on his expanding enthusiasm and profession in music video production as well as the growth of his company, Lyrical Lemonade, he quit school before earning his degree. This choice turned out to be crucial for Bennett because it enabled him to fully immerse himself in the hip-hop culture, which paved the way for his collaborations with many up-and-coming musicians and helped him establish his place in the business.

Cole Bennett Career

Bennett’s career stands as a beacon of determination, innovation, and sheer talent. His collaborations read like a who’s who of the hip-hop world, boasting names like Juice WRLD, Lil Tecca, and Ski Mask the Slump God. The music videos under his directorial gaze have not only garnered millions of views but have also set trends, with each video being a testament to his unparalleled creativity.

Lyrical Lemonade, initially a modest blog, metamorphosed under Bennett’s leadership into a cultural phenomenon. Today, it organizes massive festivals, sells out merchandise lines, and has even ventured into beverage production — a testament to Bennett’s entrepreneurial flair.

Cole Bennett Career

Cole Bennett’s YouTube Channel

Cole Bennett’s YouTube channel is very large, thus it’s obvious that ad revenue is his main source of income. Over 9.3 billion people have viewed the channel’s content during its nine-year existence. That comes out to about $65 million at a normal revenue rate of $7 for every 1,000 views.

Cole does not, however, work alone. Additionally, he must compensate the set designers, camera operators, and editors. Additionally, he will split the profits with the labels and rappers by the arrangements they make before the shoot.

Cole Bennett Nationality

Representing the diverse and dynamic tapestry of American hip-hop culture, Cole Bennett is a proud American. His creations, though globally acclaimed, reflect the intricacies and nuances of the American music scene, celebrating its vibrancy and versatility.

Cole Bennett Net Worth

Cole Bennett Net Worth is estimated to be $30 million. Dissecting Bennett’s financial accomplishments reveals a mosaic of earnings. Derived from diverse avenues like YouTube revenue, directorial projects, merchandise sales, and independent ventures, his net worth showcases the success of a multi-faceted entrepreneur. Sponsorships, high-profile endorsements, and his Lyrical Lemonade merchandise have substantially boosted his financial portfolio, placing him among the industry’s elite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Cole Bennett?

Cole Bennett is an American music video director, entrepreneur, and founder of the multimedia company Lyrical Lemonade. The name Cole Bennett is not just recognized but revered in hip-hop circles. As the driving force behind Lyrical Lemonade.

How much is Cole Bennett worth?

The net worth of Cole Bennett is estimated to be roughly $30 million.

What is Lyrical Lemonade’s genesis?

Begun as a multimedia blog by Cole Bennett, Lyrical Lemonade evolved to become an influential brand, encompassing events, merchandise, and beverages.

Which artists from Cole Bennett’s notable collaborations?

Names like Juice WRLD, Lil Tecca, and Ski Mask the Slump God stand out. Bennett’s directorial prowess has added visual magic to their musical genius.

What distinguishes Cole Bennett in the sea of music video directors?

Bennett infuses a unique blend of contemporary styles with classic storytelling, creating videos that resonate with the audience while setting visual trends.


Charting Cole Bennett’s ascendancy from a zealous youth to a music industry titan offers a glimpse into what passion, combined with tenacity, can achieve. His legacy cemented through Lyrical Lemonade and his vast body of work, serves as an inspiration, reminding us of the boundless possibilities when talent meets opportunity.

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