Why choose promotional SoftShell jackets for your company?

Usability and practicality often play a major role in the design of marketing strategies and promotional products. While there is a wide choice of products that will feature your logo, softshell jackets stand out as an extremely popular choice for companies and organisations. Their versatility, comfort and durability make them a top promotional tool worthy of your investment.

Why are softshell jackets so popular? Research shows that 61% of consumers keep and wear promotional outdoor clothing such as soft shell jackets for two years or more. This means that your brand is visible for longer and has a long-lasting impact. In addition, soft shell jackets generate 7,856 impressions, which is significantly more than other types of promotional products.

What are their advantages? These jackets are waterproof, breathable and durable, making them ideal for a wide range of weather conditions and activities. They are also adaptable to a variety of printing and embroidery techniques, allowing you creative freedom to design your logo or message.

What material are the Soft-Shell jackets made of?

Softshell jackets are made from advanced technical materials that are designed to provide superior thermal comfort while offering excellent breathability. 

They are made up of double, triple or even quadruple-layer materials, combining different functionalities such as insulation, breathability and water and wind resistance. These materials are often a blend of polyester, nylon and spandex, which are known for their durability, flexibility and ability to retain heat. 

Soft shell jackets are designed to reduce friction between the material and the skin, which means they are extremely comfortable to wear, even in motion. Their main advantage is that they allow unrestricted movement and keep the body warm and dry

Why should you choose Softshell jackets for promotional purposes? 

The main reason is their versatility. Softshell jackets are suitable for use in a wide range of weather conditions, which means your promotion won’t be limited to a specific season. This allows your logo or message to be visible all year round.

In addition, it is important to bear in mind that softshell jackets are extremely popular and practical. This increases the chance that people will actually wear your promotional jacket, which means that your brand will be visible in different places and on different occasions. This type of exposure is invaluable for spreading awareness of your brand.

Choosing softshell jackets for promotional purposes is therefore a wise decision that ensures long-lasting visibility and wide dissemination of your message or logo.

Benefits of promotional Soft-Shell jackets 

Promotional soft shell jackets go beyond the usual corporate gifts. When a person wears a jacket with a company logo or name on it, it becomes a movable advertisement. In addition, the jacket is also a useful product that can be worn routinely or on special occasions. This brings several advantages:

  • Increased visibility:Printing or embroidering your logo on softshell jackets ensures constant advertising of your brand. The jackets become mobile advertisements that spread your company’s visibility in everyday life – on the street, in the park or on an outing – which is vital for visibility and promotion.
  • Supports Company Image: high-quality softshell jackets reflect your brand’s standard and strengthen its reputation. By investing in durable, comfortable and aesthetically sophisticated jackets, your company demonstrates its appreciation for quality, which increases customer and partner confidence and has a positive impact on corporate image.
  • Long Life: The material of softshell jackets ensures durability and longevity, maintaining functionality and appearance, as well as long-term exposure of the logo. This allows for continuous promotion at no additional cost, increases the efficiency of the investment and contributes to the company’s ecological image.

Incorporating soft shell jackets into your promotional strategy is therefore a strategic move that ensures long-lasting and wide visibility for your brand.

Choosing between Print and Embroidery on Softshell jackets? 

The choice between printing and embroidery on soft shell jackets is an important one. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the desired aesthetics, budget and production time. 

Printing is typically a more cost-effective and faster process, ideal for larger logos and graphics. However, it can lose colour intensity over time. Embroidery, on the other hand, is more durable, gives a more professional look, but is usually more expensive and takes longer. 

When choosing a method, it is important for the company to assess its needs and promotion objectives. Consider the budget, the target audience and the type of events where the jackets will be used. Embroidery is ideal for corporate events and formal occasions as it gives the jacket an elegant look and is more durable. However, it has limitations in terms of colours and graphic details.

Your choice should depend on what you want to achieve with your promotion. Consider the functionality and aesthetics you want to achieve by incorporating a softshell jacket into your promotional strategy.

Key Factors When Choosing Promotional Soft Shell Jackets

When choosing promotional soft shells, it is crucial to consider a few important factors.

  • The quality of the jacket is first and foremost. High-quality jackets enhance your brand’s reputation, while poor quality can negatively affect it. Your brand should be associated with quality, which means it is essential to choose jackets that are durable, functional and aesthetically appealing.
  • Choosing the colours and shapes that best represent your brand is also important. It is advisable to choose universal colours that match different styles of clothing and are suitable for different occasions.
  • Finally, consider personalisation methods. Printing is usually cheaper, ideal for colourful designs, while embroidery offers longevity and a prestigious look. The choice between printing and embroidery will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Your choice of promotional soft shell jackets should reflect the quality, style and values of your company, while being practical and attractive to wear.

Make the most of every square centimetre: promotion on soft shell jackets

Promotional soft shell jackets offer a large advertising space that can be used strategically to increase your company’s visibility.

Strategic positioning of the logo or message is key. The best places for a logo or message are usually on the chest or sleeves, where they are most visible. These places increase the likelihood that your logo or message will be noticed.

Consider taking advantage of the size and shape of the jacket. The back of the jacket allows space for a large logo or message, while smaller areas such as the cuffs or collar are suitable for smaller logos or details.

Use colour to attract attention. Contrasting colours can highlight a logo or message and attract more attention. Choose colours that match your company logo and stand out against the colour of the jacket.

You can combine different printing and embroidery techniques for a better effect. Printing is suitable for larger areas and embroidery for smaller, more detailed elements.

Overall, it is crucial to use the space on the jacket effectively, so that the jacket does not only serve as a fashion item, but becomes a powerful promotional tool. By using space and techniques effectively, your soft shell jacket will be the key to increasing your company’s visibility.

Use of SoftShell Jackets for Promotional Purposes

Soft shell jackets are a multi-purpose promotional gift that can be used for a variety of purposes. Some examples of successful uses:

Company logo jackets are great for wearing at corporate events, conferences or team building. They help create a unified team look and increase brand awareness.

High-quality soft shell jackets can be a worthwhile corporate gift for clients and business partners. Not only do they show appreciation for the relationship, but they also provide long-lasting visibility for your brand.

The jackets are ideal for distribution as promotional material at trade fairs or industrial events. The wearers of your jackets become living advertisements for your brand.

Use softshell jackets as part of your work uniform. This certainly increases brand awareness, and creates a sense of belonging among employees.

Jackets can be branded with logos and used as part of sports sponsorships, with athletes and fans wearing your brand.

Each of these uses makes your brand visible and recognisable, which is crucial for the success of any promotional strategy. 

The Role of Promotional SoftShell Jackets in the Business Council

Soft shell jackets have become a key element of many companies‘ corporate wardrobes. Not only do they provide thermal comfort in the colder months, they also foster a sense of belonging and team spirit among employees.

In summary, soft shell jackets are an effective promotional tool. With their versatility, comfort and flexibility when embroidered or printed, they offer a long-lasting and visible place for your logo or message.

Promotional soft shell jackets are a practical, durable and stylish way to promote your brand. They offer a unique opportunity to spread your message while offering practical value to those who wear them. Whatever the weather or type of event, they are ideal for increasing awareness of your brand in an attractive and cost-effective way.

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